Wednesday, March 30, 2011

E-learning Lesson 2 by Karan Sarat

Gears and a rack and pinion, gears used to feed the correction tape properly and the rack and pinion is used when you want to remove the existing cartridge when replacing it.

Linkages, connects the window to the wall in the room, allowing the window to open/close in an oscillating motion.

Linkages, the door is connected to the wall and is able to move in an oscillating motion.

Do you have fans at home?I'm sure you do. Over time they require frequent cleaning. Dust simply accumulates on these surfaces very quickly. So on these plastic fan blades I propose coating Durable Dust Repellent Coating on them. This reduces the number of times we have to wash them. Not only for the blades, but for the standing fans, the metal casing as well. Washing the metal casing causes rust to form, and applying coatings that repel the dust, will make fans more worthwhile to have.

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