Monday, September 19, 2011

Write Up _ Benz Kew

Write-up: The business of the Honey House mainly targets on a niche market. The Honey Honey is open to the public, but it is more tourist-orientated. Having a cheap rental, low operation costs and not congested roads makes it an ideal location for tourists. It also has easy back access and drop-off/pickup point, free roadside parking via Prince Philip Avenue which is best for coach/buses. In a local perspective like Singapore, people are unaware of how things are made. Building a Honey House can raise awareness of how honey is produced and the importance of honeybees and honey in relation to nature.

Intended use: It is to bring bus loads of tourists into the Honey House with top grade honey from all parts of the world.

Concept for design: Being a standalone building with not many buildings and facilities around, there is a need for a prominent design which quickly identifies that the building is a Honey House. Its exterior design is very similar to honeycomb-which is a mass of hexagonal wax cells. A hexagonal pattern is a signature indication of presence of honeybees. It will give tourists a feel that they are in a "Honey Hive" and their inside the honey storage.

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  1. The intended purpose of the building is not very clear. You do not need to go into the details such as drop off point. Please rephrase.