Monday, September 19, 2011

Write Up_Carisa Chan

Write up
This building is designed for elderly and children as they make up the majority of Bedok town. Elderly and children will be able to move around the building easily as the shape of the building is simple and easy to navigate for the elderly. On the ground floor of the building, there will be a supermarket, shops that sell food and an information counter. On the second floor, there will be shops selling stuff related to elderly care and services such as clinic and dentistry for elderly. On the third floor, there will be shops selling stuff related to children and services like tuition and childcare. On the roof of the building, there will be playgrounds and space for children to play.

Intended use
The intended use of the building is to create a space where elderly and children can go to when they need help or when they are sick. The building also makes the town neater and more organized as there is a specific building for these services for elderly and children.

Concept of the design
The concept of the design is to make it elderly and children friendly. The upper half of the exterior of the building is colourful and vibrant to attract children. The bottom half will be less colourful and vibrant so that it will suit the elderly. There will be slopes and hand rails so that the elderly can move around easily.

1 comment:

  1. Paragraph 1 is not necessary. There is no necessity to tell me what is on each floor.

    Paragraph 2 Please be clearer on the intended use. What kind of help are you referring to?

    Paragraph 3 Making the place looks vibrant is one concept. The use of colors is one way to make the place look vibrant. What else?
    For the elderly, less vibrant? What kind of concept is this? Please relook into it.