Monday, September 19, 2011

Write Up_Jasper

The building "NUKE" is located at the junction of "Orchard Blvd" and
"Orchard Link". The building will be built at the piece of land
opposite SCAPE(Youth Hub).
NUKE is built as a extension of SCAPE, it would provide more
recreational facilities such as roller coasters, ice-rinks and also
go-kart tracks, it will also include studying facilities such as
classrooms, discussion rooms and also a public workspace, hence
reaching more Youths.
NUKE(Nuclear) as its name states, resembles a nuclear plant. The
nuclear plant is a recreational hub with shops, roller coaster and
go-karts. It also has a "Study Building" next to it resembling a
"Radioactive Sign". This Youth Hub is decided to have the theme "NUKE"
so that Youths will be attracted to the fun and weird design and it
also shows how impactful the Youths are to the society and the world.

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