Monday, September 19, 2011


Education Hub @ West is meant for teenagers and students who are and want to excel academically. The building is located at the heart of Jurong West Neighbourhood 7, and is rebuild from the original Gek Poh Shopping Centre which has a large area of more than 5,600 dwelling units. Educational Hub @ West will have a small library with many facilities that will suit the users need. It is build in a way whereby it will provide the student a vibrant and comfortable environment which will be able to motivate the students while allowing them to concentrate on their revision and homework. The theme of Educational Hub @ West is to be eco-friendly, and hence, the design itself will focus on the 'green' colour which symbolises Nature. The roof will be a special extension which is in a leaf shape, which is equipped with solar panels to harness the solar energy and light sensors that can sense the differences in light intensity. 

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