Monday, July 11, 2011

How to design like an Architect?

After viewing the above video, what are some of the key learning points?

Please answer in the comment section below.

Deadline: 11th July 2011


  1. 1. What we design is from what we know
    2. Spend time problem solving
    3. Look at the problem before you look at the solution
    4. No one formula for design

  2. How we design is based on our life experiences.
    Use information to design and spend time looking at the problem to think of the solutions.
    Take information such as favourite material, occupation or where we grew up to design.

  3. 1. Designing a building is like designing from our life experiences
    2. Sitting through and working through something is to help finding a solution to solve the problem.
    3. Problem Solving is putting together what we know and the challenge to form the solution in architecture.
    4. Always know what your clients want
    5. There is no one solution for design.

  4. 1. Designing a building is combining the problem and what we know , and there we have a feasible solution.
    2. There are different alternatives to a problem .
    3. Every single detail are worth to be taken consideration on.

  5. No restrictions to design
    Design from what we experience in life
    Follow the taste of others to design a better architecture

  6. 1. We need a lot of information to design
    2. What an architect designs is based on his knowledge; life experiences
    3. The best solution to a design problem doesn't just come to the architect suddenly, it requires the architect to sit down and think, drawing out different versions of sketches of different idea and evaluate them
    4. Designing is about emphasizing with the users; knowing what they want, what they need
    5. There is no one solution to design problems

  7. - The environment which we grew in affect the type and design of buildings we design.
    - We need to design according to the person's preference in design, color, material and other aspects.
    - We need to find the problem before we can solve it instead of finding a problem for the solution

  8. 1. How we design is based to some extent of what we know, in general, our life experiences.

    2. We need to process the information before solving the problem. Best way is by sketching to find a solution. We need to consider the problems before designing the solution.

    3. There is no one formula for design.

  9. We need to know what is the things that are around it, who are the audiences and why do they need it.Also we need the preferences of the audiences and there is not only one fixed solution.

  10. ✔ Information is the key point for Architectural design.
    ✔ The design is based on what we know and our life experiences.
    ✔ Sketching is one of the ways to solve the problem.
    ✔ As we do more sketching and designing, we ideas will come.
    ✔ There are more than one way to design

  11. 1. How we design the buildings are based on basically our life experiences.
    2. "Its in the doing that the idea comes" -Edmund Bacon
    3. There is no one formulae for design.

  12. 1. Our life experiences affect how we design
    2. Sketching is one of the best way to work out a solution to a problem / "It's in the doing that the idea comes"
    3. Information and time for problem solving is needed
    4. No one formula for design

  13. An architect draws on a wide spread of information.
    How we design (to some extent) is based on what we know.
    Everyday life (life experiences) also affects our design.
    Problem solving:
    What we know + the challenge = the solution
    Sketching is one of the best ways to work out the solution to the problem.
    Spend time to problem solve well.
    To design something that someone else dreams of, refer to their everyday lives.

  14. -Our life experiences affect how we design
    -no one formulae for design
    -multiple solutions to a problem

  15. 1. Lots of Information is needed to design a building
    2. An architect designs based in their life experiences and knowledge
    3. The architect needs to sit down and think and use trial and error to find a solution to a design problem

  16. 1.Design is by the knowledge we input
    2.It is aa huge math problem:D
    3. There is more than 1 way to design