Monday, July 11, 2011

Instructions for 10th July 2011

After you have completed the post for the key learning points of the video" How to design like an Architect?" , go to ADMT google site and download the keynote for further instructions for classwork.

Homework (Journal - Research)
1) You need to identify a place/location for the building that you want to built. (WHERE)
2) You need to research on what are you going to build on that space/what building you going to modify the existing building to. (WHAT)
3) You also need to explain, elaborate, analyze the reasons for the decisions made.
4) Lastly, you need to research on existing design and use them as reference in your own design.
e.g. if you are designing a restaurant, you would research on what are the existing design of restaurants and think of how you can make your design unique and innovative.

Deadline: 18th July 2011.

How to submit:
1) Complete the journal in pages.
2) Name the file: index number_Research. E.g. 01_Research

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