Monday, July 25, 2011

Instructions for 25th July 2011

Please follow the instructions very carefully.

1) Go to S202 ADMT google site, download the keynote, filename: S202 Term 3 Week 5.

2) Follow the instructions on the keynote and design a recreational centre. Refer to the image below for the location of the recreation centre.

Refer to google map for larger image and also what is in the vicinity. You need to estimate the size of the location before you start planning.

3) The end product should be an exterior design of the building as well as the layout. Refer to the following for an example of how the layout would look like.

4) Notetaker: remember to post the discussion and the design on your ADMT architectural design blog.

5) Deadline: 25th July 2011.

6) Once you have completed on the above, please go to the 3 following post and give your comments by today.



    -Darryl, Idris, Lionel and myself


    Members :
    Teoh yun, Carisa, Su En, me.


    Members : Goh Jia Sheng , Lincoln Chu Mesina , K J Shakti and Jasper Phang.

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    Group members: Benz, Shamemi and Zhengjie