Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Submission of ADMT Journal, 12th Aug 2011

Please be reminded that the next journal submission is on the 12th August 2011, 1240pm.

Please check and ensure that you have the following before submitting your journal.
1) Decided on the location and justify with reasons and evidence why the location is chosen.
2) Decided on the type of building to build, justify with reason and evidence why the type of building is chosen. Is there a need for it? Is there a trend among the target audience? Why is the target audience chosen?
3) Research on the type of building that you intend to build.
4) Idea Generation (fluency) - the exterior design of the building
- the interior (explore the possible layout)
(Elaboration of ideas - within each idea, explain the thought process why the build was design in that particular way. What were the design considerations?)

How to submit?
1) Name your file: Index number_Ideas
2) Submit via the ADMT submit folder.

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