Monday, September 19, 2011

Write Up_Darryl Lam

This building is an apartment with condo facilities. This apartment is built beside a forest for people to enjoy the greenery while on the roof top. This apartment will have a swimming pool, BBQ pit, roof top garden with resting place and a cafe at one corner at the roof top garden with lush greenery. This is totally designed for people to rest and relax. This apartment is built and designed for people with above average income who wants a simple home to live in, but with places to rest and relax. This design is based on the HDB, bungalow and condominiums around clementi are mostly white and now most of the condominium and bungalows have large tinted glass windows. So this apartment will have large glass windows with a white creamy exterior texture. This is called The Apart-strutture.

Darryl Lam

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