Monday, September 19, 2011

WriteUp_Christopher Nah

Intended Purpose:
This changes everything. The Clusterz is a revolutionary family-orientated shopping centre, located just beside the Dover MRT station, in an area which consists of schools and also heavily cluttered residential buildings. It has its ability to cater to a general age group, the entire part of the population, no matter if it is hungry students, shopaholics or residences and tourists. It has everything you need, from sporting facilities and recreation centre, to restaurants and shops. With its state-of-the-art GREEN technologies, it is definitely an economical choice to visit this shopping right away! :) 

Concept behind design:

The building is built through shape borrowing from clustered flowers, thus the structure of the shopping centre is built in such a way that every "cluster" of the shopping centre is meant for a specific purpose, such as eateries, grocery shopping, etc. The building is also eco-friendly, and is a zero-energy building. It has lots of eco-friendly features, such as vertical gardens, daylighting, solar panels etc.

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